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Krisztina Szerovay
Krisztina Szerovay
Dear Subscriber,
Here is the 4th issue of the redesigned Sketching for UX newsletter, let me know if you have some feedback!
These are the best design & visual thinking resources I found in the previous month:

My favorite resources
Here are the resources I really liked in October:
#1 Drawing is the most enduring skill
David Hoang wrote a great article about the timeless nature of drawing, and he lists out why drawing is such a powerful activity. “As technologies advance in how images and software is generated, drawing is a skill that will endure the test the time like a Twinkie surviving a nuclear holocaust.”
Drawing is the most enduring skill - by David Hoang
#2 A Design Research Framework by Erika Hall
Erika Hall assembled a model for UX research activities: “Much of our work involves helping organizations create or develop their design/research practices, so I thought I’d try to help out. I created a cohesive visual representation of the general approach I recommend to clients and follow myself.”
A Design Research Framework — Mule Design
#3 Drag and Drop UX Best Practices
Designing a good drag&drop experience is very challenging: “Not only do we have to effectively convey the interaction exists in the first place, the object needs to physically move, the live feedback second to second matters, and there are lots of decisions to make throughout to make it ‘feel’ the right way.” Read this great guide by Pencil & Paper.
Drag & Drop UX Design Best Practices - Pencil & Paper
#4 An epic collection of design system components
Let’s say you want to design a pagination component. Here is a website that catalogues famous design systems by component types. How cool is that? :)
📑 Pagination | The Component Gallery
#5 Mr. Doodle’s inspirational project
I have been following Mr. Doodle’s work for years. Last month he has completed his biggest project so far: he doodled an entire mansion. Here is a video and an article about it:
watch mr. doodle fully cover mansion in his own black and white cartoonish signature
#6 Habit Weekly’s Halloween-themed take on dark patterns in UX design
Dark patterns are “are any change to someone’s behavioural environment causing difficulties in taking desired actions, or facilitating choices that are misaligned to the individual’s wellbeing and interests.”
Enter the Haunted House, and learn more!
Habit Weekly's Haunted House
#7 Eva-Lotta’s new sketchnoting and visual thinking course
Eva-Lotta is one of the greatest visual thinkers of our time. She has recently published a course on Domestika, it is on presale now, I can’t recommend it enough!
Online Course - Sketchnoting: Communicate with Visual Notes (Eva-Lotta Lamm) | Domestika
#8 Visual Notes for “Just Enough Research”
Erika Hall’s book is a great read for beginner researchers and designers, and it’s also an insightful guide for companies establishing UX research practices. Vlad Rybalkin created some nice visual notes of this book, check them out! (And if you haven’t done already, try out sketchnoting books, it’ll surely help you remember the content and summarize the key insights.)
Visual Notes for “Just Enough Research” by Erika Hall
#9 How to draw comics when you can’t actually draw.
This is an older article, however, its content is evergreen: Chaz Hutton (maybe you know him as the author of the A Sticky Note Guide to Life) explains why you have every skills you need to draw a comic.
How to draw comics when you can’t actually draw. | by Chaz Hutton | Medium
#10 An inspirational take on UIs: UI Kids
What a nice and unusual perspective: UI Kids is a comic where Evrone designers gave a character to the little details of user interfaces.
UI Kids - a comic about invisible, but irreplaceable UI elements
+1 A tweet I really liked:
Dan.glow shared 10 practical tips for improving your text layout.
New UX Knowledge Piece Sketch
My newest sketch is about defining your target audience: Who are you designing for?
My newest UX sketch
My newest UX sketch
Coupon codes for my Udemy courses
Thanks for reading my newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it!
Keep on sketching,
P.S.: Have you written or found an interesting design / visual thinking article or other resource lately? Please send me a DM on Twitter! I might feature your resource in the next issue!
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Krisztina Szerovay
Krisztina Szerovay @krisztaszerovay

Monthly collection of the best UX design & sketching resources that caught my attention.

The topics include: UX design, UI design, service design, visual thinking, cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, product development.

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