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Sketching for UX Newsletter Issue #3 (September 2022)

Krisztina Szerovay
Krisztina Szerovay
Dear Subscriber,
This is the 3rd issue of this new format, I hope you like it, please let me know if you have some feedback!
So here are the the best design & visual thinking resources I found in the previous month.

My favorite resources
Here are the resources I really liked in September:
#1 Antipersonas: What, How, Who, and Why?
An antipersona is a representation of a user group that could misuse a product in ways that negatively impact target users and the business. Learn about how you can use this approach in your design process!
#2 Notes Are for More than Remembering
Jorge Arango is one of the authors of the famous “Polar Bear” book about information architecture. His article reminds us about the benefits of note taking: “Exploratory notes aren’t just the record of your efforts to understand; they’re part of the means through which you understand”
Notes Are for More than Remembering | Jorge Arango
#3 Doulingo Case study
I mentioned in one of the previous issues that I love UX walkthroughs (like the ones done by I’m sure you’ll have great fun and you’ll learn some things about gamification if you click through this piece by Habit Weekly:
#4 A collection of Design Systems for Figma 
Do you want to discover and understand some of the most famous design systems? Here is a collection of them, you can open and go through the Figma files:
#5 UX Checklists For Interface Designers
Vitaly Friedman put together a very useful resource for designers: a collection of UX checklists, it covers topics like accessibility, UX research, design systems and designing complex tables:
#6 The PHRENVILLE drawing card game
Although Mauro Toselli did not publish his city drawing card game in September, a recent Meetup reminded me of his awesome product, check it out if you want to get a nice, relaxing sketching challenge:
The PHRENVILLE idea - making an imaginary city drawing card game
#7 Pragmatic Sketching at Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2022
Eva-Lotta is one of the most inspirational visual thinkers (& designers) I know, watch her recent talk on pragmatic sketching!
Btw. I attended her Pragmatic Sketching Masterclass 2 years ago, it was an awesome experience! Check out the details here. (This is not a promotional link, I’m just a huge fan of her work.)
#8 Behavioral Design TED Talks - Habit Weekly
Habit Weekly put together a nice list of TED talks about behavioral design - I believe that every designer should watch these (and maybe you should create sketchnotes while watching them :) ).
(Btw. I’m working on a similar article and playlist for UX / product designers, I’m going to publish it soon :) ).
#9 The complexity of credit scores
Built for Mars / Peter Ramsey did it again: I love his UX case studies, here is the newest one, and it is great, as always. It explains some important concepts, e.g. recency bias and the importance of removing friction if you want your users to complere boring tasks.
Credit Karma: the UX complexity of credit scores 📈
#10 The User Experience Research Field Guide
I led a UX research team at a bank, I love research and discovering the users’ problem space. Here is a great UX research guide for beginners:
UX Research Field Guide | User Interviews
#11 Wiretober: Participate with us!
Most probably you are familiar with Inktober (“Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.”) Now here is an alternative for designers: Wiretober! Sketch interfaces each day for a month, I promise that you’ll improve your sketching skills!
Wiretober: Participate with us!
+1 Humankind by Pablo Stanley
Pablo Stanley is a very inspiring human and designer, check out his newest project here:
Humankind - About
New UX Knowledge Piece Sketch
My newest sketch is about change aversion.
Have you ever changed your existing design? Have you ever participated in a redesign project? If yes, most probably you have encountered with change aversion: the - in many cases temporary - negative reaction to changes in a product or service.
Here is my detailed article & sketch about this topic, I also share some advice on how to deal with change aversion:
Change aversion and its design implications
Change aversion and its design implications
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Thanks for reading my newsletter, I hope you enjoyed it!
Keep on sketching,
P.S.: Have you written or found an interesting design / visual thinking article or other resource lately? Please send me a DM on Twitter! I might feature your resource in the next issue!
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Krisztina Szerovay
Krisztina Szerovay @krisztaszerovay

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